As we know Saturn is in Libra(Tula) and at the same time rahu is travelling from Scorpio to Libra. Both the planets are making Yuti in Libra from 23rd Dec.'2012 to 12th July'2014. Major effects of this Saturn-Rahu Yuti depends upon individual's planetary positions in the birth chart, But the General Predictions of this Yuti for different Rashis are mentioned below. All the predictions are based on Moon Sign. The effects will be harsh till May 2013 and in some cases up to Dec 2013.

Yuti in 7th House- Mental Tension and disputes in Married Life.

Yuti in 6th House- Very Good Results for health and wealth. All pending work will be resolved.

Yuti in 5th House -Hurdles in studies for students, tension from children and be careful for health.

Yuti in 4th House - Problems in Property and Land, Financial problems and tension.  

Yuti in 3rd House - Bring Success through hard work, Get Results of your work, disputes with Brothers & Sisters.

Yuti in 2nd House - Family disputes, Control your speech, Hurdles in financial situation, Loss in Business. 

Yuti in 1st House(Own House)- Disturbed Married life, Partnership Problems, Headache or Head related problems. 

Yuti in 12th House- Very Very Bad Results, Wrong Decisions, Financial problems, Mental Tensions. 

Yuti in 11th House- High level Success, Success in studies, Immediate profit, Good Health and Wealth.

Yuti in 10th House- Problems in professional life, Job, Business. Problems in land and property. 

Yuti in 9th House- Mental Tension, Problems in Job and professional matters. 

Yuti in 8th House- Very Very Bad Results, Wrong Decisions, Financial problems, Mental Tensions, Family Problems, Court Cases.